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Which G3 Ferrari pizza oven is better, the Napoletana or the Delizia?

The pizza ovens from G3 Ferrari are something like the gateway drug for aspiring pizza bakers. For example, we gave a G3 Ferrari Delizia to a friend who is a hobby pizzaiolo years ago. In addition to the G3 Ferrari Delizia, there is now also the more expensive G3 Ferrari Napoletana. There are no direct comparisons of the two ovens on the Internet and the descriptions in the online shops are rather poor. Accordingly, a comparison is long overdue.

Unboxing and temperature test

On the left the Napoletana in red and on the right the Delizia in Škoda grey.

Both ovens are delivered in compact cardboard boxes, which promise full-bodied baking temperatures of up to 400° Celsius. Both ovens also come with something like pizza peels, which have the same problem as those of the Ariete pizza oven . Compared to the Ariete, the peels on the G3 Ferrari ovens are at least made of aluminum and don't bend immediately. The G3 Ferrari Snack Napoletana also comes with a second cordierite stone for the lid, so that the pizza oven can also be used as a sandwich toaster.

The 400° Celsius promise is tested immediately when heating up the two ovens. As is usual with cheap ovens that are virtually uninsulated, the temperatures fluctuate massively between the operating modes - a pizza can only be baked when the heating element is switched on (therefore always preheat to level 2.5 and set to 3 as soon as the pizza is in the oven).

To ensure that the test is fair for both ovens, the temperature of the stone was measured immediately after the temperature was reached (and thus when the thermostat switched off). See the video on Instagram for proof of this .

The G3 Ferrari Napoletana is the first to be tested for temperature. It only reaches 318°C and is therefore more in the league of household ovens . The controls get nice and warm, but the Delizia has this problem too, albeit to a lesser extent.

To bake pizza, the two spacers visible at the top of the picture must be folded down (they are part of the sandwich function). Regardless of whether the spacers were used or not, the Napoletana was less hot than the Delizia both times.

The dials on the Napoletana reach a very warm 90.9° Celsius and those on the Delizia are also not exactly pleasant to the touch at 86.6° but at least a little cooler.

The G3 Ferrari Delizia reaches 363.7°C, which is slightly less than the Ariete pizza oven in the test but still a lot better than the G3 Ferrari Napoletana. This is particularly astonishing as both G3 Ferrari ovens work with 1200 watts.

Baking temperatures of 400° should therefore actually be possible at outside temperatures of a comfortably warm 58° Celsius.


Of course, the two pizza ovens from G3 Ferrari also have to face a Margherita. For the dough, we stuck to the recipe , plus or minus at least - which turned out to be a very bad idea. I reduced the amount of yeast massively, which unfortunately turned out to be a mistake - in future I should also use our products like the precision scale and be a little less careful with wrist x π. If Ziomarco were to write here, it would be because of the organic dry yeast used ;) but I can assure you that very good results can be achieved with organic products too. Simply keep the slightly high yeast values from the recipe and measure them precisely. In the test, I used a Caputo Doppio Zero as the flour.

The dough balls that are unworthy of make you feel sorry for the ovens that have to be fed with them.

We gave the included "pizza shovels" another try. As expected, they are extremely impractical - simply because you have to use them with both hands and therefore need a third hand to open the oven.

"Pizza shovels" from G3 Ferrari, probably better suited for frozen pizzas.

After switching to real pizza peels, the baking test really picked up speed.

Prevents melted plastic and burnt fingers, a real pizza peel.

The results from the two ovens, the pizza from the Napoletana on the left and those from the Delizia on the right.

While the pizza from the Napoletana is almost a pizza bianca despite the tomatoes, the one from the Delizia at least has the beginnings of a leopard pattern.


The two ovens from G3 Ferrari differ quite significantly, including in terms of price. While the Delizia costs just over CHF 80, the Napoletana costs around CHF 140. Despite the higher price and the name, the Napoletana is completely unsuitable for Neapolitan pizza. The Napoletana will certainly have its place for piadine, panino and other types of sandwiches, i.e. as a sandwich toaster (with the second cordierite stone) and occasionally for a frozen pizza, but not for pizza bakers. They can safely go for the Delizia, which is almost CHF 60 cheaper, and still get better pizzas.

PS the CHF 60 saved are well invested here

Whether you choose the Ariete pizza oven or the G3 Ferrari Delizia is more a question of price and design preference, as the two ovens are not that different.


Like all tests by, this test was also carried out on our own account, so it is impossible for the manufacturer to influence it. It is the free opinion of the author.

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