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Hello dear Pizzaiola, hello dear Pizzaiolo!

It's great that you found your way to the Swiss market leader for home-made pizza.

My name is Jonas and I am a passionate pizzaiolo (actually a trained trustee, but shhh! Don't tell anyone). Since I was a child, pizza and good food in general have been a big part of what makes my life worth living. As a child, my sister had to endure hours of TV blockades for pizza documentaries (as compensation for this, and because she has since studied food science, she is also involved in 😉). Always with the ulterior motive of making the weekly family pizza even better.

Many years later, I finally bought a real pizza oven, an Ooni to be precise, and that's when the fun really began. At the time, however, I realized that adequate equipment was hard to come by in Switzerland, so I started

You have three people to thank for this shop and my passion:

  • My late grandmother from Gerliswil, a passionate cook who unfortunately was never able to complete an apprenticeship.

  • My late Northern Italian Nonna, a passionate cook who actually worked in the kitchen and that's how she came to Switzerland.

  • My uncle from Obwalden, who was born with Down syndrome, has been living at the Rütimattli Foundation in Sachseln for many years – the same foundation in Sarnen that also produces products for, or rather the Pizza GmbH Switzerland behind it, now consists of three other people besides me - Lionel the graphic guru, Anja the food scientist and Michelle as the content manager - all with the goal of making your pizza party more sustainable and better.

In most cases you will be dealing with me, so see you soon at,



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