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Concrete pizza oven? the Zio Ciro Nano in the test

Zio Ciro, the pizza oven manufacturer from Sardinia, uses concrete for its pizza ovens, for the dome and baking surface. This makes it unique - at least for home users. You can find out how it is to bake pizza in a concrete oven and what the advantages and disadvantages are in the test.


Once again we have come across a used pizza oven. Accordingly, our unboxing is completely unspectacular.

The packaging of the Zio Ciro Nano.
The packaging of the Zio Ciro Nano.

What immediately stands out is the extreme weight. Even though Zio Ciro tries to sell the oven as being light, 35 kilograms is unusually heavy for an oven of this size. Also interesting - the promised heating time.

Promised heating time Zio Ciro Nano
The glue is broken, but we checked online and Zio Ciro promises a heat-up time of 15 minutes.

Zio Ciro in his packaging
The colored oven in its packaging.


After what was almost a lumbago, the time has come - the Nano is outside. That's where it really comes into its own for the first time.

Zio Ciro ready for baking
The black metal front with its metal letters is reminiscent of the professional pizza ovens from Stefano Ferrara or Acunto. A design element that naturally makes every pizzaiolo's heart beat faster.

The pizza oven is operated with a regular gas bottle, and since the previous owner bought the oven directly in Switzerland, it also came with the correct gas pressure regulator and connection. Since this is sadly not a given, we would like to take this opportunity to praise our competitor Marti Küchentechnik!

Gas pressure regulator Zio Ciro Nano
Miracles happen - a pizza oven that was delivered with the correct gas pressure regulator.

We'll see whether the Zio Ciro Nano really manages the 15 minute heat-up time after we've lit it. The gas burner is ignited with a lighter, just like our pizza party ovens. Not fancy, but reliable and durable.

Ignition Zio Ciro Nano
Ignition of the 7KW burner.

Clever readers will have already noticed from the picture above that we have also mounted a rotating plate (half moon) at the front. In our opinion, it is not absolutely necessary, but definitely nice to have.

Flame Zio Ciro Nano
The Nano offers a beautiful flame cover in its concrete dome and has a distinctly blue (i.e. hot) flame.

After 15 minutes it is time to take a first measurement.

Temperature Zio Ciro Nano after 15 minutes
There was no promise (at least on the packaging) of a temperature after the 15 minute heating time. So, you could say, it was fulfilled - even if every pizzaiola and pizzaiolo would see it differently.

After this disappointment, we gave the oven another 10 minutes to gather itself and reach temperature.

Temperature Zio Ciro Nano after 25 minutes
The temperature after 25 minutes.

The 15 minute heating time is simply a lie, which is dishonest but not really surprising. We are not aware of any pizza oven in which the stone reaches 500° after 15 minutes (measured in the middle, of course).

Another ten minutes later it looked like this:

Temperature Zio Ciro Nano after 35 minutes
The stone (or concrete?) temperature after 35 minutes.

After 35 minutes it was time to go to the kitchen.


The setup for a Margherita Monday is ready.

Margherita Pizza Ingredients
Dough with our Verace Napule flour - classic Neapolitan with long fermentation and low hydration.

You can also find our dough recipe or that of the Association of Neapolitan Pizza Bakers in our blog .

For tomato sauce we use our crushed organic San Marzano tomatoes with 1% salt (i.e. 4 grams per can).

We cut the Fior di latte with our Fior di Latte cutter .

Pizza peel for Margherita
Off into the concrete dome with it.

After about 60 seconds (yes, the oven really did get going) the following result awaited us.

Pizza Margherita on a shovel
From above, the pizza from the Zio Ciro Nano is certainly impressive.

To check that the first pizza was not a fluke, we repeated the fun again.

Pizza cutting board
Also good, although a little burnt on one side. They could have turned the flame down a bit.

The second pizza burned a little on one side; turning it really has to be done very quickly in this concrete fire hell; you can also turn the flame down a little once the temperature has been reached, as the concrete retains the heat very well.

We would prefer the burner to be positioned a little higher (like the Pizzaparty models) because we think that this distributes the heat better in very small pizza ovens and gives a little more space on the baking surface. However, this will probably be less of a problem with the larger Zio Ciro models (Subito Cotto line) because there is more space.

What is of particular interest in an oven with a concrete baking surface is the base of the pizza. First of all, we were extremely skeptical about this point and feared that the base would be completely black due to the lack of porosity (which a biscotto has, for example).

We were completely impressed with the bases of our pizzas. This is exactly how a pizza base should look, who would have thought that such results could come from a concrete oven.

Another positive surprise for us was cleaning with our pizza oven brush. Since the concrete floor is not porous like a biscotto, the floor does not create any dust when cleaning.


The Zio Ciro Nano was convincing in the test, even if the promised heating time was not even close to being achieved. The concrete construction has one huge disadvantage: the oven is extremely heavy and de facto not mobile. Apart from that, the concrete actually only offers advantages, such as better heat storage capacity and a baking surface that can keep up with a biscotto in terms of pizza quality, but doesn't produce any dust. The low-positioned burner is a small flaw, which probably doesn't really matter after a little practice with the device. Speaking of heat storage capacity, this is how the oven temperature was over an hour and a half after the flame went out:

Zio Ciro Nano storage heater
The Nano has an impressive heat storage capacity.

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